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Trouble in Shape Town is a game about fighting segregation in all forms through promoting equality. A corrupted governing faction, the "Square Heads" has taken over the world and has segregated the population by the shape of their heads. You play a "Circle Head" whose shape has been completely cast out from society. You must infiltrate each of the 4 zones and reunite the population of the world. To achieve this you must replace negative propaganda, highjack radio towers, and convince members of each zone to side with your cause. All whilst avoiding the "Square" headed enforcers. Eventually, once you have gained enough of a following you will be able to debate with the mayor (by approaching him) of each town in order to convince him to allow the previous zones inhabitants access to the current zone. Help unify the world of the Shapeizens!


WASD - Move the character

Mouse - Camera controls

Scroll wheel - Camera Height

E - Interact

CTRL - Sneak

Arrow Keys - Mayor debate minigame

Extra stuff:

Trouble in Shape Town is a prototype game made for #ResistJam, and is a little rough around the edges, devleoped by Almost Lunch Games:

Sam Mullins - @Pixelated_Sushi

Kieran Hamill - @KieranHamill

James Quinton - @JamesGameDev


TroubleInShapeTown.zip 34 MB

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