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This is an ALPHA/DEMO of INCUBUS and not the full game. Certain elements have been removed for this release as it is more intended for us to gain feedback on core elements to help continue development. As it stands you will only be able to play the first level of the game's endless mode. Once you have completed the demo you will unlock an "dev mode" where you can mess around with level 30 weapons and more health. (*hint ;) find the portal)

The bit about the game:

Incubus is a randomly generated roguelike dungeon crawler first person shooter. You play a female intergalactic agent for WASA (Women's Aeronautics & Space Administration) who has crash landed on an asteroid where you must fight to regain control of the now demon infested space station to defeat the INCUBUS threatening wo-mankind.

You'll have to trust us that the full game/story makes way more sense and is way less offensive than this bit makes it sound.

Currently there are 3 distinct enemy types, a procedurally generated dungeon, a weapon leveling system, as well as 3 guns each with distinct augments. Pssst the shotguns augments are completely broken and a lot of fun atm...

Do us a solid!

If you come across any bugs/have any ideas please shoot them our way! There's only three of us and we don't have whole lot of experience of doing this sort of thing so we'd really appreciate it.

You can reach us at:


Sam - Programming and "art"

Kieran - Programming and better art

James - Programming

Email: almostlunchgames@gmail.com

We also have a website! (and most other social medias)

Almost Lunch web thing...

Extremely active Instagram...

I'm not even going to bother linking our facebook page... we don't really like him :/

Install instructions

Click on the .exe file in the windows folder :)




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Quick little video showing off the game - I didn't prep for audio so the first 60 seconds or so - is a bit loud.

Hey Whit30, this is James from the dev team, we really appreciate you taking the time to check out our game. Thanks for the feedback with some of the bugs, the grenade augment for the shotgun should be shooting out little grenades which explode on contact so I'll take a look at that. Thanks again and if you have any suggestions feel free to send us a message :)

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I haven't played enough of the genre to make any suggestions. I've only really played wasted that's about the closet thing to Incubus. I'm looking forward to seeing how it expands. Also, yeah no problem. I think the drop pod bit is pretty cool - is it possible to have it be like an escape pod from the crashing ship? Maybe have a slight window view of falling to the facility?